Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Multiple French Blackout shades

Following up from my last post, I want to share how I speed-produced the three cute French blackout shades with the pleated grosgrain ribbon trim.

Making multiples of small shades is easy with the gridded canvas table cover.  I can line them all up sideways on the table and pretend they are all one shade.  Of course I still have to do all the steps!- but I can do the same step for all the shades at once.
I first sewed the trim to the bottom of all three, using Dofix to first baste it into place.  The trim was machine sewn, then the facing which is the back hem and weight bar pocket.
Repeating this photo, you can see that all three linings, rough-cut, were layered onto the shades and trimmed at the bottom, tucked under the facing seam.
The side hems were pressed then the linings trimmed 1/8" from the crease to grade the layers.
With the side hems finished, the bottoms were all completed at once.  Fusible buckram on the hem stabilizes the bottom, and weight bar tubing is secured to the buckram, before turning the hem up.
All three tabled-
and ready for rings!


  1. So pretty oh queen-of-roman-shades!! How wide was the grosgrain ribbon? Love that pleated as trim!

  2. Thank you, Frances! The ribbon is I guess 1.5" wide. Not sure I remember for sure but I think it's from Samuel and Sons. Could be wrong.