Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pillows, no frills, just good workmanship

More and more, the pillow orders that come my way are unembellished: no trim and not even self-welt.  These pillows are usually made from fabrics that speak for themselves, like this embroidered beauty.
On first glance it seems that without self-welt, the pillow would be quicker to make; but when there's a pattern and no welt to separate the front and back, it's important to be even more meticulous in the fabrication.
A neat, trim, sophisticated appearance starts on the inside, with tapered corners clipped close to the stitching to prevent pointy pillow "ears", and overlocked seams.
Thoughtful cutting helps the fabrication: the top and bottom seams were planned for in between the embroidered teardrops to minimize bumpiness.  Seams are pressed flat before stuffing the pillow.
Theses pillows were well-pinned before sewing, to make sure the embroidery was aligned for mirrored motifs on the side seams.   You can see how the seam is tapering in towards the corner.

My favorite detail is a perfect color-matched invisible zipper!  The zippers in color Pearl come from The Zipper Lady.

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