Monday, January 2, 2017

Presents for friends-

I was so excited to get two of Home Dec Gal's (aka Susan Woodcock) Presser Foot Art, printed on linen by Adaptive Textiles.  It seemed funny to make pillows for two extremely accomplished sewers, but I took a chance.

For Jen, I used one of my favorite trims to create a border.  I used a little Dofix to hold the print in place on the base fabric, then pinned the scroll trim, and sewed carefully.

For Camille, I cut a flannel plaid on the bias, reinforced it with fusible 2" lining from Dofix to keep the bias from stretching, and made a skinny flange behind contrast fabric welt.  I centered the red at the top then worked my around forward and backward so the colors were symmetrical.  You can't see it very well but there are little pleats in the corners.

It looks great with the little elephant pillow that our eight-year-old great-niece Maisie made for her.
Maisie's no slouch.  The elephant is reversible.

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