Monday, February 22, 2010

And now for something fun.....

Here is my solution to a bizarre window treatment challenge- in my own bathroom.
The house is an early 20th century Craftsman house in a Hudson River town.  There is an addition on the back which resembles nothing so much as a shed- however, it is a bedroom.
The bathroom wall used to be the back wall, but now it looks right into the bedroom!  Nice.
I didn't want to cover up the window entirely, because it would have felt too closed in, yet I didn't want anyone in the bedroom to be able to look right into the bathroom, obviously.
So I dug out an OLD fabric, printed with Van Gogh's Starry Night, and covered a board 2/3 the window length on the bathroom side, and a different fabric on the bedroom side; wedged it into the window frame on the bedroom side; and put a shade in the bathroom that is usually raised but could be lowered if someone in the bedroom is sleeping and doesn't want light shining in from the bathroom. 
Or if the bathroom person wants total privacy.
In the bedroom, there is only one place the bed can go, and that is right under this window, so the covered board acts as a headboard so one does not have to lean back against a window.  

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