Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Through a sheer, darkly

The only way you'll ever see what's on the other side of this shade is for you to come here and see it in person!  If it gets into a photo it's only by accident.  This section is the real work area, where reside all the spools of welt, buckram, zipper tape, shirring tapes, threads, velcro, and all that other stuff.  Current projects being sewed, scraps and threads thereof, pieces of things people bring me to look at, or take apart, or hold onto til they come back, or stuff, or fix, or whatever; all kinds of junk; they all sit back in this area.   I wish I could hide most of the workroom behind shades like this.  This is the silk sheer with jute rope, twill tape banding, and linen sheer lining, from yesterday.  It looks spectacular.

I think I'll just leave at this for today- I have more pictures of today's work but I think I'll save them til the projects are done.  
Tonight on the Olympic broadcast is Apolo Ohno and Shawn White- I brought hand-sewing work home with me to do in front of the TV. 

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