Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love surprises

Here is a color, fabric, and trim combination you're not going to see every day!
The decorator who designed this has a fabulous sense of color.  I wish I had a photo of the whole dining room, completed, but I don't at this point. 
These draperies pull together elements in the room and make them all work together, including an antique painted Chinese screen with soft blues and corals, and framed antique wallpaper samples with the same color palette.
The embroidered fabric is a heavy cotton, interlined; it's all hand-sewn, including the yummy fat pleats, which are pleated on pattern.
  The orange fabric is not a banding- it's a separate panel, meant to look like a second drape peeking out from behind, but it's not really a full drape.
The blue striped trim hints at the hardware, which was hand-made wrought iron by a local iron-worker, with a distressed finish to coordinate with the lighting fixture which I'm sorry you can't see.
Seen on its own one might it is a little wacky, but in context, it's brilliant!

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