Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another exercise

Another workroom sample exercise!  Here is a cuffed panel with an over-stuffed lead edge banding with tassel trim.  One thing I would change if I could is the size and shape of the cuff.  I thought a shaped cuff would be cool but actually the shape kind of gets lost and might look like a mistake if it's not dressed well.  And I think the cuff should be an inch or two longer, but that was all I had of that delicious silver silk, so there you are.  Rather than just sew the rings on, I though I'd try making a little pinch and sewing the ring into it.  That seemed to work pretty well so I rummaged around until I found these pale aqua glass beads, and we sewed them on with prominent French knots to show off the thread color.  This panel is lined with a heavy cotton sateen, and interlined with a heavy cotton flannel.  I didn't take a picture of the bottom, but the hem is padded with interlining as well as the lead edge.


  1. These are scrumptious! As are the one in the last post. Of course , those are *my* colors.

  2. Thanks, Norma- yes, I can see the colors you love from the scarf you're wearing!