Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relaxed Ribbed Roman?

There's no telling how the text and photos are going to arrange themselves on this post- I don't have much control over where they wind up!
Anyhow, here is phase one of an installation; the second room's fabric is backordered so this is going into the family room tomorrow.

The draperies, lying on the table, are interlined; lined with a special blackout lining along the lines of Apollo; portiere; tassel-trimmed; and pleated with two-finger Euro or top tack pleats.
The swag and jabots looks kind of forlorn in the back hallway, but dressed in its window it'll look fantastic.  I am not real big on pleated swags, but gathered swags are right up my alley, and also I enjoy making them.
The shade is something really really great!  It's a ribbed flat Roman shade with a relaxed bottom.  It goes up & down like a charm, and the relaxed part never needs dressing since it's fixed.  I think this is going to become my new signature shade.


  1. Fab-u-lous!

    Deborah don't you ever get a day off?


  2. Debi-

    Your blog looks great! And I love the way that you do your relaxed shades at the bottom edge. When it is all the way down, does the curve drop below the window?

  3. Hi you guys-

    Penny- yes I do take days off! but I do have a habit of working a lot.

    Annie- thanks for having a look at my blog and best of luck with yours!

    I have to explain about the "Ribbed Relaxed Roman" which sounds like an oxymoron- relaxed and ribbed should be mutually exclusive.
    When my client said she wanted a ribbed shade with a relaxed bottom, I wasn't sure how it would work. I remembered that "our" "Merlyn"- from "our" forum- makes relaxed roman shades with a sewn-in weight rod and thought I could adapt that method, adding ribs as well. The rings below the weight rod angle outwards to give a pronounced droop to the bottom.
    I love how this shade has total control going up & down yet has such a pretty relaxed bottom line.
    When my client came to pick it up, I had it hanging so she could see it, and she loved it. The next room in this house has 4 more of this style.