Monday, March 8, 2010

Head exploding!

I have no new goodies to show today!  All I have is a head that is exploding with ideas.
Suddenly there are several projects with challenges that must be addressed, and, as it happens sometimes, the challenges in all these projects are related somehow.
Some of the situations:
-Shades with very little mounting space, finding a clutch system to fit.
-Shades in areas where children play, finding a cordless lift system.
-Top down bottom up shades with a) inadequate mounting space and b) need to have neatly folded pleats that go up and down without dressing- finding a way to make it happen.
We need to make mock-ups of all the above.
Problem-solving is sometimes the most fun part of this job.

I think I'm going to post a picture, after all- of a solved problem, from a few months ago.  This bay window needed blackout shades for keeping out the blistering summer sun, that when raised could look like a top treatment.  If they butted up next to each other, they'd be overwhelming.  If they didn't, they'd have to go either above the window, with a valance, which would be even more overwhelming; or, on the molding, in which case they'd stick out with a gap.  So they were mounted on the "flush" side of the board and the board was beveled to curve gently back to the wall and fill in the space without a gap.  And the old molding with the circle-in-the-square thing (don't know what that's called) is the best part of the window, and it's not covered.
These are not meant to look very modern or very polished.  They are meant to look just the way they look, except that someone should dress these shades, the middle one is pulled up crooked!
The black print is a vintage P. Kaufman fabric, "Passage to India," that was hoarded for several decades before finding itself a suitable application, one worthy of it being cut up!
The sheer fabric is a slinky gold sort of metallic sheer, banded in gold silk.  This sheer wholesales for something like $160/yard, and it was discovered at a Stark warehouse sale in Norwalk CT for $35/yd.  I know it doesn't look like much in the picture, but it is truly spectacular.

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