Monday, May 31, 2010


What does a true fabriholic who sews for a living do in her time off- she collects more fabric, of course!
I had a good day at the Stormville Flea Market- I made some significant additions to my feedsack and vintage fabric collection.
I've been collecting these for a couple of years now and I swear I have plans for them.
If you don't know what feedsacks are about and want to find out, check out this article on quilting history. 
I'd write a bit about it myself but really it's Memorial Day and I'm about to leave for a nice hike at the Pawling Nature Reserve with Camille. 
Cotton sacking wasn't just for feed- you can see I have a few other fabric sacks for sugar, salt, seeds, and wheat paste.
Another time I'll add photos of other vintage fabrics I've collected.  I'm fascinated by embroidered hankies, doilies, and kitchen towels.  Aprons.  Pillowcases.  I have a Sunbonnet Sue quilt my great-grandmother made.
Gotta go!  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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  1. I love the feed sacks Deb! I have thought about hitting some places around town and trying to find some, but have yet to do it. This might be good inspiration! :)