Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sea of Tranquility

I have a silly propensity for naming things.  My husband and I name everything: cars, appliances, favorite tools.
I named this shade while I was working on it, a borrowed name: "Sea of Tranquility"- but it fit.  I tried to remember, where is the Sea of Tranquility, anyhow?  I thought I would like to go there.  I thought perhaps somewhere where the Indian Ocean meets the Pacific.  I thought I could set sail on the Sea of Tranquility and drift there a good long time.
Haha- it's on the moon!  How could I have forgotten that.  Guess I won't be going anytime soon.
This fabric was chosen by Joshua Katz of Fabu Fabrics for his client's bedroom, where I think it will lend some of its lunar serenity.

I used the new 1/8" fiberglass ribs from Rowley Co instead of the plastic ribs.  This shade was so sweet that I splurged and used my dainty white enamel-coated metal rings.

There are probably a million ways to make ribbed shades, but this is how I make them.  I loathe rows of stitching on the fronts of shades so the lining is sewn with pockets then hand-sewn to the back side of the face fabric.  The rings are caught to the face with just one little stitch of doubled upholstery thread.

Next project: an old favorite in an encore performance in a different color.  In the past few weeks I've made shades out of this fabric in white, and cafe curtains out of the natural colorway.  Now another set of shades with this loop fringe at the bottom.
Those two nearly-gone spools of Gutermann thread represent the two hottest colors of the past 6 or 8 months.  Time to re-order thread!


  1. That shade looks great Deb! It's nice to hear about the fiberglass rods - I haven't used those yet.

    I also like the way that you put your stitching into the lining, then attach to the face. Great idea!

  2. Hi, Annie!
    I have to place a supply order this week and I think I'm going to switch over to the fiberglass ribs.
    Re: rib pockets: the only drawback to my method is, the lining has to be hand-sewn to the face at the sides. I do a lot of hand-sewing anyhow so it's just par for the course for me. I'm no good at and therefore not a fan of machine blindhemming- just can't get the hang of it, plus I don't like how it looks.

  3. Deb, those tucks (and the shade) are really beautiful!I've never seen anything like that in a shade.