Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time flies

Wow- a week since I last posted!
A lot has been going on but not much in the way of photos to prove it.
Monday I measured for a few jobs.  These shades were photographed in the studio, but here they are after installation.  This is a guest bedroom, and the daughter loves these shades so much she wants the exact same thing!  So I went back to measure her room.

Another home measured on Monday has a bay window with very little room for mounting a window treatment.  We'll be making relaxed Roman shades and I'll need to cut and fit the boards before stapling the shades because there is absolutely no room for error.  I'm not sure that a regular board 3/4" in depth will even fit in that small space between the molding and the ceiling so it'll likely be a ceiling mount.  I'd like to have all three shades operate as one.

This morning I am attending a Somfy motorization training seminar which is going to be very helpful.  More on that later.

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