Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Window Treatment Emergencies!!!

We made this shade five years ago for the oldest daughter in this house, a middle school student.
Now she coming home from college for Thanksgiving.  A string had broken so we removed the shade, re-strung it, and put it back up so she'll have a working shade for her holiday at home.

How could the holiday be complete without this powder room valance installed on Thanksgiving Eve?  This is a traditional Kingston except that the fullness is gathered rather than pleated.
This homeowner bought the creamy white and minty green silk faille at the Brunschwig sale I went to two weekends ago, and- 10 days later- voila: a valance, interlined and trimmed with banding and tassel fringe.
There is a big fat roll of interlining padding the board between the bulky horns, to even out the top line.
I am so glad I do not install.  Look at the right side- that jabot is embarassing!  I just don't see it until the picture is up and the product is gone.  I can't dress window treatments.

Here is another Window Treatment Emergency:  fabric that had been back-ordered since July arrived last Friday, and today two valances and draperies are being installed.  This is super-simple and plain: just a flat piece of fabric pulled up with an adjustable loop, but something about the silhouette appeals to me.  I am sure I would like to see more- more- more what?  Shape, movement, detail- however, it's giving me ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you're not having any holiday window treatment emergencies.

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