Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, two posts today because it's Fab Fabric Friday

I just got back to the studio after visiting the Brunschwig & Fils warehouse sale in White Plains.
Some of the planet's finest fabrics for breath-takingly low clearance prices.  I wish I'd had a LOT of money to spend!
But I restrained myself to something that I'm going to use, for myself.  We need some new shades and here's what they're going to be made from:
The part in the foreground, still on the roll, the mottled pattern, is the wrong side- can you believe that???

When the light shines through, here is what you see:

This is without a doubt The Most Fabulous Fabric in the World!
The second I saw this bolt at the warehouse I knew it was the one.

In case you wondered what's in the plastic bag, here it is.  I'm always a sucker for novelty prints, but when I can say I'm making something for a child out of it, I feel totally justified.  (I have no idea what I'm going to make.  I just had to get this.)

But back to the shade fabric.
 I imagine I'll use the reverse side as banding, or possibly the valance- since these shades will be top-down, or top-down-bottom-up, and will need a valance to cover the mechanism.
 Behind it we think we're going to put another shade, a sheer of some sort.  It's always fun to experiment on oneself.
 If there were enough room, I'd also put a blackout shade in there somehow!  But then we'd have a headrail projection halfway into the room.

This is the second post today, so just scroll down a bit to the next post to see one of the valances we delivered this morning.


  1. What a gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see it made up.

  2. Me too! LOL let's hope I do this project! You know, the shoemaker's kids....
    But I also hope I'm SO BUSY that I won't have time til after the holidays.

  3. I have been to the sale too and am going back today! there is SO MUCH to buy at such low prices. More fabric than ever before (a slow economy does that), and great lighting too.