Monday, April 18, 2011

Super cool wall drapery

The crazy white-circles panels were installed 6 days ago, and I promptly misplaced my camera that afternoon.  I've been dying to post these pics, but I just found the camera this morning.
The wall of 10-foot-long draperies was wildly successful.  In a pre-war apartment on Riverside Drive with limited storage space, these draperies disguise an area about 18" deep where the homeowners keep everything from books to golf clubs.
Two rows of simple utility rodding hold six overlapping panels that can move left or right to provide easy access.  On the right side the rods go to the wall; on the left the rod is curved so there is no room to peek into the storage space as you enter the room.  Six-foot long clear wands make it easy to swoop the panels aside.   Each panel is one width and has small channels for the drapery hooks; there are 10 hooks per panel.

To read more about how these curtains were made, scroll down a bit to the post from April 4.

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