Monday, April 4, 2011

Order from Chaos

One of my favorite parts of any job is the transformation of chaos into order.  For most jobs, we start off with a neat roll of fabric which we unroll and cut up into pieces.  Then we sew them back together and we have created something new.

This laser-cut fabric is the personification of disorder.

This has been made up into six panels, each 12' long,  Parallel rodding will be ceiling mounted with three panels on each, overlapping, to create a 161" wall of curtain to create a storage area in a pre-war apartment on Riverside Drive.

We cut several hundred circles off of each panel so it could be hemmed on all four sides.

The top has clear 2" buckram with parallel lines of stitching to create channels for the drapery pins.

Tamed and ready to go!

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