Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ethereal Pole Swags

Transforming his master bedroom was easy with these ethereal pole swags and panels.
This Larsen fabric, "Inca", softly frames the view.  Window treatments bring down the high, angled ceiling to a gentler scale.

1" metal poles presented an installation challenge.  With both swags and panels to mount, 1" didn't give us much room.  The panels are attached with 1.25" velcro shirring tape, and the swags with 1/2" wide velcro.  The poles were candy-cane wrapped with sticky-back velcro hook.  Amazingly, all the layers somehow fit!

Another challenge was how to achieve the throw-style look the homeowner wanted.  Certain elements affected the proportions and dictated the final design: first, the corner; also the fact that the poles end in elbows, not returns; and the 16" of wall space between the windows.  
The ends of the treatment areas are anchored with "over" panels; the other panels are "under."  Over the wall space, swags are criss-crossed.

Velcro wrapped easily around the elbows for a waterfall drapery effect.  The rods are by Ona, a Vesta line, and custom painted with their "champagne" finish.

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