Thursday, May 5, 2011

MIA no more!

You may have noticed that sometimes I'm really meticulous about documenting the projects we work on, both process and completed product; others just slip through the workroom with a cursory workroom shot.  I hate to say it, but, there are also plenty more that you never even hear about, neither a word nor a photograph.

For the past few weeks I've found it difficult to keep up with the documentation and completely unable to set aside time for the blog.  I haven't even had time to keep up with reading blogs I love, or post on the D&D Pro Network Forum. 
Fortunately,  my iPhoto is cluttered with a collection of pics from some of our recent projecst, and I'm going to begin trying to catch up, one post at a time.
These shades are in the family living area of a large home.  The family room has two triple windows, a double, and a single; and the kitchen area has five single windows and a door.
This fabric by Sea Grass replaces dark brown woven woods and instantly made the area warm and inviting. 
This was a perfect setting for center-pleat relaxed roman shades.  By the sheerest good fortune, the pattern could be matched where we seamed together the cut-down widths comprising the individual sections of the multiple-section shades.
We used the newly available ladder shroud tape for these.
For this house I'm posting only photos that include little beyond the actual window treatment, or I have cropped out most of everything other than the window treatments.

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