Friday, May 27, 2011

Queen Anne Valance, and a lesson in facings

A Queen Anne valance is just a scalloped, pinch-pleated valance.   As with all patterned pleated treatments, the beauty lies in good pattern placement.  With this fabric for this valance, the pleating creates a whole new interplay of pattern.

The sections are cut individually and joined.

The contrast lining, face, and interlining are layered and cut.

This is a long post, so click on "read more" to read the rest:

I used this valance to practice my facing skills.  I wanted to make a facing to cover the entire return, instead of just contrast lining the whole thing.  Here I've folded the facing segment and cut it to shape along with the return.

I thought hard, and figured out how to layer the fabric for sewing.....

Still thinking about it, and pinning.....

Hmmm, still thinking.....

Okay, got it, I've sewn it up, graded seams and clipped corners...... (practicing good seam hygiene)

Turned.... and, ooops!  All that thinking, and it was wrong.  The facing is going to be facing the face fabric!

Out comes the seam ripper, I pick apart the seam very carefully because I already graded the seam allowances....

Re-think, re-pin, re-sew, re-turn......

A scary moment, a little unsure of myself here, did I do the right thing?, and wondering why I bothered with this facing anyhow!!!.....


One step I skipped over in the telling: the face is cut 1" higher at the top than the lining, so that when it's sewn with a 1/2" seam, there is 1/2" of face fabric turned over to the back, so the contrast lining won't show up there.

Pinned and ready to sew the top-

Sew the buckram, butted up against the seam line- I use woven buckram for a clean, crisp line- costs more but worth it.

It just took a minute to hand-sew the facings:

Five-finger pleats: At first I tacked through the side then changed my mind and tacked around the front of the pleats.  I like the hand-made look.

Oh no!- The valance is ready to go out the door, and I forgot to take a shot of the back!  I pulled back the plastic wrap enough to take this crummy picture, then off it went.


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