Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blackout, ribbed, upholstery weight shades with grosgrain ribbon

I couldn't think of a good opening for this story, so I figured I'd just start with the photo.
Grey grosgrain ribbon outlines a white geometric upholstery weight shade in this window seat with a coordinating cushion and pretty floral pillows.
Now that I own a Dofix iron and boiler, applying grosgrain no longer fills me with dread.  I sent the designer three ribbon placement options, and she chose 1.5" in.
These shades are blackout, and in order to prevent pinholes of light shining through where the rings are sewn, I used my two-layer blackout method, with ribs, as in this shade which I posted about awhile back:
With 2" trim set in 1.5" up from the bottom, the first row of rings must begin 6.5"  above the bottom of the shade.  This leaves a 3.5" reveal at the bottom.  That must be taken into account from the beginning of the planning of the shade.
The profile of a chunky, layered shade with heavy fabric, blackout, and trim, will be bulky.  Even with the spacing that the Ring Locks provide, the pleats kick out forward; and the bottom apron wants to tilt back.   I took this shot so I would have a picture to illustrate this in the future.  It's important that the designer and homeowner understand this if it matters to them.
The two windows are different lengths, so one shade pleats up a little shorter than the other, in case you wondered!

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