Friday, March 4, 2016

Back from the CWC, back to work!

Susan Woodcock's Custom Workroom Conference 2016 was beyond all I had hoped for!  An assembly of custom home furnishings fabricators, gathered in a beautiful hotel in Concord NC, with a huge appetite for learning and sharing.  This industry truly is something special!

The team assembled by Susan and Rodger represented comprehensive coverage of essential topics, from fabrication to business.  I was impressed by the variety and originality of the classes offered.

As an instructor, I was able to sit in on classes, so I took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the latest in shade safety compliance from Terri Booser, and also from Steve Gibbons of SafeTShade.  I squeezed in about half of Terri's class on Bays, Bows, and Corners, before having to scoot out to prepare for my class.  Zona Tiller had fantastic embellishment ideas in her class, and she kindly sat in on mine and was a reassuring presence in the back.  Susan teamed with Hanes Lining to show off their latest products, including - - - grey sateen!  I can't wait to order a roll of that.   Beth Hodges presented an overview of her practices and policies to ensure successful installations- probably the one class I badly needed more than any other- and Beth did not disappoint!  Last but not least, I got to sit in for a second time with Penny Bruce, presenting English hand-sewn drapery, which is the level of supreme quality to which I aspire.
Some of the classes I had already taken elsewhere featured Donna Cash, Jo Thomas, and Ann Johnson, as well as Beth's full-day Dofix workshop.  It was amazing meeting these and other workroom instructors who are giants in the industry.  

The marketplace showroom was bustling and full of interesting vendors, including Margie Nance at the D and D Pro Network table.  All afternoon there was a steady stream of live demos on all sorts of fabrication.  My demo, on utilizing fusibles to facilitate sewing on otherwise tricky projects, was the last of the day.

I met so many people I've known online, on Facebook, on the D and D Pro Forum, and from here on my blog.  That was the best part of all.  Teaching my class, Efficient Shade Making, was exhiliarating for me, knowing that so many people were there that I knew but had never met!  What a treat.

Now it's hard to believe I've been back to work for a week.  Thursday was a field trip, to see Jackie Von Tobel at the WCAA Central NJ meeting.  I've done some fabrication, but also a lot of organizing, measuring, and installation.  Now it's time to buckle down and start sewing.

Thanks to all you blog readers!

Me and Jen leaving NY

Evading the tornado warnings in NC by taking the western route where the clouds split and the sun burst through!
My room was so comfortable!  
My sunrise view every morning!
Zona's beautiful twist-pleated lead edge
My shade class
Susan and Hanes Lining
Penny presenting English hand-sewn curtains
Susan and Rodger say goodbye until next year
Working on my Alabama Chanin project on the way home until the light ran out
Car full of new work picked up!


  1. Zona's leading edge would look beautiful as a hem on some of your shades!