Friday, January 14, 2011

Linen shades

These are linen shades, lined in a khaki poly voile, with clear ribs inserted into  Rowley's translucent rib tape. 
A 2" woven braid borders 3 sides.
The lift system is the traditional Rollease clutch with a beautiful soft grey bead chain loop that disappears against the grey molding.
Tan lift cord is shrouded with TechStyles cord shroud in maple.
Though the rib tape has loops that are meant to be used instead of rings, the shades did not lift well using them, so we backtracked and sewed clear rings and re-strung the shades.

Remember this job?  These ten gorgeous panels were taken down today so I could sew the rings on.  The drapery hooks kept falling out of the rings.  Yay, now I have some sewing to do during the Jets game on Sunday!

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