Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you!........ a digression

This blog was one year old on New Year's Day, and I did not even mention it!  I was feeling kind of blah, tired and sick-ish, and wondered if I should just call it quits after a year.
I started the blog mainly to motivate myself during the worst of the recession.  I thought if I documented everything, every day, I would have a reason to come to work even if there wasn't much work to do, because I thought if I didn't have work, I would be documenting the many creative personal sewing projects I looked forward to doing during the slow time.
It was slow all right, last winter, frighteningly slow, but gradually my valued long-time clients began bringing in work again, and to my delight I acquired some wonderful new clients.  Our industry was showing signs of life again.
All the time I thought I'd have on my hands for "personal sewing projects" never materialized, business picked up, and I don't even have the time to take photographs of all the projects I'd like to post about.

I've enjoyed the novelty of taking pictures and writing.  I also enjoy the discipline of writing, something, nearly every day.  It is good practice in organizing and expressing my thoughts, and a good way to keep my mind focused and sharp.  It was also a good way to introduce myself to my new clients; and my existing clients were pleased to see their work featured.  Another wonderful surprise was "meeting" many other industry professionals via the blog.

Still, lately I wondered if I was just getting to the point of repeating myself, boringly.  Sometimes the projects are just the same old thing, different fabric.  More hobbled shades, more pinch pleats.  After the one-year anniversary passed, I thought perhaps I'd wrap the blog up.  After all, I'm just a workroom, I make what people bring me, I don't design 90% of the work I do.  Maybe I had a couple of troublesome jobs, one disappointing project or dull fabric too many.  Maybe there just wasn't that much more for me to say here, in this way. 

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, I started getting email from some of you- workroom colleagues- who told me you've been reading the blog regularly- some daily, some once every few weeks- and enjoy it, even find it helpful, and possibly even inspiring.  I was so thrilled to get your feedback!  And I feel inspired now to keep it going.  Thankfully, most of the projects that come through here are NOT boring!- thankfully, the truth is that I learn or learn about something new every single day; thankfully, this really is something I love to do; and thankfully I know I'm lucky to be doing it.
So the blog is going to ramble on, with my gratitude and best wishes to all of you who are a) struggling to make ends meet at the sewing machine; b) living your dream of working for yourself; c) thrilled to be making a living doing something you love; or, d) reading this for any old reason whatsoever!

Thank you all!

What a deliciously beautifully awesome way to celebrate! I would like to order one of these, please, for my one-year blog anniversary.  I'd like each color to be a different flavor.  No, really, actually it makes me happy just to look at it.  Click here if you want to know more about this cake, which I found on the Martha Stewart blog. 


  1. I'm so glad you are not stopping....your blog is my FAVORITE blog and I check every day to see if you have a new entry!! I'm hoping we will meet face to face at an industry event some day. I feel like I already know you just through your blog.

  2. It is hard to stay motivated sometimes. I really enjoy seeing all your stuff and I'm glad you are going to keep at it !