Thursday, January 27, 2011

A nice coincidence

Silhouette is key in window treatments, and simple is often best, like this gently scalloped kick-pleated valance.  There is just 1 1/2" difference between long point and short point. 
Pattern placement was a bit of a challenge because the motifs were not arranged on the fabric in the usual way: it was impossible, with the size of the sections, to get two sections out of the widths.
After some experimenting I found a cutting layout that worked.  The pleasant surprise was that with the dimensions specified, the motifs were nearly continuous across the pleats.

Photographing these in the hallway wasn't easy! 
There were two large scalloped valances, and one cute little arched valance, just 8" at the short point.  Again the pattern lent itself nicely to the specified dimensions of the valance.  Here I needed to find a way to give the illusion that the two sides are mirror images. 
The little valance is below eye level, so the top board cover looks like welting, which it isn't.

Microwelt, however, defines the bottom line of the valances.  This is really tiny cording- I think it was 1/16" inch.  The valances were lined in khaki.

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