Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cord Shroud Tape

I like to make hobbled shades with the cord shroud tape from Rowley.  It serves two purposes at once- it hobbles the shade, and shrouds the lift cord.

 It can be sewn on entirely by machine.  I use my little domestic Juki which automatically cuts the thread at the tap of my finger, so I barely even need to use scissors.  I sew back and forth on one side, then raise the needle and sew back and forth on the other side, leaving the lift cord free.

When I cut my tapes for this shade I wasn't thinking, and cut them all to the finished length, so when ready to string, I didn't have enough lift cord to carry across the top as the operating cords.  This is easy to fix without doing the tapes over again.  Just tie some new cord to the bottom with a small but secure knot;

and gently pull from the top to feed the new cord through, allowing enough to carry across and down the other side.

This works for all the other shroud products as well: mesh tube shroud, ladder tape, or cord loop shroud.  I've had to do it with them all, one time or another, either because I cut them too short, or because I "lost" the cord inside the shroud.

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