Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hobbles everywhere lately

Ah, a 118" fabric for a hobbled shade, AND I had some 108" lining sitting here- what a treat to make this wide hobbled shade without seaming widths together!

Such a nice fabric to work with... I'm not sure of the fiber content: it feels like it has rayon in it, but it could be blended with silk or cotton.  It was woven perfectly so it was easy to have the pattern match on all the hobbles.  

Because it has a cord lock, I opted not to use encased cord tape, which is my usual first choice for hobbled shades; but without a clutch, I would have wasted a LOT of encased cord tape running the strings across the width of the shade.  Instead, I made the shade the old-fashioned way with twill tape and rings, and shrouded the cord with ladder tape. 

A little self-fabric flap wrapped around the returns hides the mechanism.  I started using a new way of attaching the flaps so they don't add bulk to the top of the board- they are stapled to the front board face under the shade, wrapped taut around the return, and stapled to the back of the board.  With this method they don't stick out like wings quite so much.

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