Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ordinarily we love this popular fabric.   We've used it for shades as well as cafe curtains.  But this last batch was a nightmare- so irregularly pleated that the horizontal lines were off by as much as 3" on one shade.

To straighten it somewhat we had to do a lot of manipulation from the wrong side.  It improved somewhat but was far from perfect.  

At the bottom, trim can be used to disguise a wobbly line, but this trim is so narrow that it didn't serve that purpose very well.

The weight bar is 3" up from the bottom in its own pocket.  Below it, the bottom refused to hang straight.  A wooden slat helped keep the bottom taut.  

But the slat kept wanting to hike up.  So I took little tacks through all the layers just above the slat, hiding the thread under the pleats in the front.  They helped to hold the slat in place.

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