Friday, June 17, 2011

Fussy Work

There have been a few projects lately that have required some "fussy work."  Here are a few little details that I enjoyed:

The front......
A laundry room rod pocket curtain needed to clear part of the washing machine, so we made a cut-out and bound the edge with a facing.  The 1/2" hem was topstitched all around. 

The back.....

When we cut this shade down to size, there was just enough left over to use for the mount board cover, so the trim continues up over the board, a nice detail that probably no one will ever notice!

This metallic & cotton fabric was 54" wide, and so was the shade finished width.  We made a self bias binding to finish the edge instead of piecing the fabric.

Rings and loop cord shroud was a very unobtrusive way to meet the safety standards for this unlined, sheer shade.

Another metallic cotton sheer shades was self-lined, hand-hemmed, and strung with rings and loop cord shroud in a blending color.


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