Monday, June 27, 2011


Panels-over-top-treatment is a look that is new to me, and I'm totally loving it!  This is the third time this year we've done panels over, and there is another such project coming up next month.  
The faux-hobbled valance is 179" wide, hinged in the middle.  We used Firm-A-Flex for the front to keep the weight down.  Ant-trail stapling creates the folds.  (That's a lot of staples!)

The horizontal stripe is sophisticated and works perfectly as inverted box pleat panels, which are attached with velcro to the dustboard.  They are lined in a dusty brown super-sheer voile to give substance and soft definition to the pleats.  Everything was hand-sewn.

To keep the corner uncluttered, the adjacent window is treated with a relaxed Roman shade under the faux-hobbled valance.

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