Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bay Window relaxed romans

Here is one way to deal with shades in a bay window.
The wider center shade has no returns, i.e. the fabric does not wrap around the sides of the board.
The smaller shades do have returns on both ends.  All the shades are on 1.5" boards, so at the inner edges the returns are 1.5".  On the outer edges, the return extends beyond the board 3" for a return of 4.5".  That's why there is a bit of a tail on the outer edges but not in the bay corners.
The larger shade snuggles up to the 1.5" returns which helps make the shades look continuous.
Just to be clear- there are no pleats, tucks, or folds in the shades; they are flat at the top.  That is the natural droop of the fabric.  


  1. I have a job for a similar treatment on a bay and have a few questions for you. They want the boards connected and want a row of rings in the middle of the center window. Board sizes 33"-80"-33" with return of 3.5". The fabric is a floral with a neutral background and they want a band (red fabric) where each row of rings are. Do you recommend sewing those bands (2") in between each section or topstitching the band at each row of rings- too bulky??? Do you think there will be enough of a droop with the fabric on that large of a window or should I add some small pleats? Would the pleats look odd out of the banding fabric?

  2. Hi Jan- I remember, I saw your post on the CHFA forum and responded to the pleat question- I definitely would use very small pleats to add fullness- I recently had an unsatisfactory experience making a continuous shade in a corner- I wanted to add tucks but the decorator didn't, so I'd never do that again without a little fullness added in; but regarding the banding, I'm not sure it would look good with the pleats.
    What about a center pleat relaxed style? That way there wouldn't be pleats where the banding is. That's how I would fabricate this treatment.
    If you go to the top of the blog page, click "About Me," and send me an email, I'll email you back and describe more fully what I mean. I can send you some pictures as well. That way we can communicate back and forth more easily.

  3. When you did this treatment, how long did you cut the fabric? Did you make it the same length you would if the were operational to get the fullness of the folds?
    I absolutely love your blog. I just started doing this a year ago and your blog is always one of the first places I check for inspiration and advice. I can tell that you love what you do and have such a great passion for it. Thank you so much for posting all the stuff you do.