Monday, October 21, 2013

Installation day!

I can't believe all of last week went by without a single post.  Things were really hopping.  Friday was the culmination of much of the week's work, with the installation of these wonderful window treatments.
The guest house main floor is all open, so all treatments are visible with no walls in between.
In the living room, four mock hobbled valances, which I learned to make from Ann Johnson's webinar, are perfect- vertically, the pattern flows naturally, and horizontally, marches around the room very impressively.

On the other side are soft cornices for the kitchen- I pulled out Donna Skufis's video to refresh my memory on how to fabricate this style.
And in between, a London valance as soon as you come in the front door, unifies everything.  I posted a workroom shot of this valance last week.  The pink geometric of the soft cornices is used on this valance as contrast pleat inserts and microcord.
You might remember previous posts about the mockups/samples I made in preparation for the mock hobbled valances and the soft cornices.  The mock hobbled sample was indispensable to understanding how to work with the pattern on the real thing.  
For the four valances, the ikat-look China Seas fabric was railroaded.  I was thrilled with how well the pattern lined up!  Four valances around the room was pretty impressive. 

The soft cornice mockup was equally invaluable.

I learned that I needed to reinforce the fabric with fusible stabilizer (from Rowley) to support the diagonal cuts that go directly into each internal corner, right down to the quick!  Scary!
I was able to get very neat corners.
Often, simple is awesome.
For a very tall window in a narrow space, this plain, tailored valance is 24" long.
The Greek key trim is all it needs.

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