Friday, October 4, 2013

Mock Hobbled Valance

About a month ago I attended a webinar by Ann Johnson on fabricating mock hobbled valances.
I've made a bunch of these, but they were pretty simple, and I was winging it each time, and I wanted to see how Ann made hers.
The very next day after the webinar I took an order of seven, and since then I've received two more orders, for a total of 12 of these valances!
I needed to make a workroom sample to practice what I learned.  Since I've already made them with solid fabrics, I figured I should try my hand at the most complicated one I could think of, so I chose an ikat-look print.

The second and third folds do not match.
But the other folds match.

There are several ways of arranging the pattern in folds.  You can make every fold the same, or have each fold alternate motifs; or run it as it comes off the roll letting the fabric fall as it may; or, as I decided to do on my sample, the most complicated layout, make the pattern continuous from fold to fold, which means you pretty much need one repeat per fold, each one cut differently.

If you are looking carefully at the valance you have probably noticed that I goofed.  Even though I was trying with all my might, I cut incorrectly, and didn't have enough fabric left over to fix my mistake. (And that is why I like to make workroom samples.)

Anyhow, here is the first valance I made for a client.  There was very limited yardage, so I had to make it work with what I had.  The designer wanted 3 narrow folds with a flap at the bottom, and a deep fold at the top, to look sort of like a shade pulled up.   I was glad I'd done my sample to get some practice; the different size folds made this pretty complicated even though I wasn't aligning the pattern.

I did make a "cheat sheet."  After I marked my stapling lines on the board face, I laid out twill tape the way the fabric would be stapled, to be sure I measured right and also wouldn't forget the stapling sequence.

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