Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Worktable

Mid-week is a good time to show projects that are in progress, nearly finished, or about to begin.  I think I'll make this a regular weekly feature, and I'm calling it "Wednesday Worktable."
Here is a peek at projects on the table right now:
I'm going to put the finishing touches on this full-size mockup panel today, while watching the WCAA Lunch and Learn Webinar.   This mockup with the client's actual face fabric has four different lining options and three buckram options.  We will hang it in the homeowner's window to see which lining combination best prevents pattern fade-out in direct sunlight.  This also will give us the chance to test and finalize other aspects of the design and fabrication.
These six shades went out for installation last week, but the homeowner requests longer bead chain loops.  I've ordered the new, longer loops, and will switch them out tomorrow.
Here's a shade project I won't show until it's all done, but this look at the materials will give you an idea how cool it is- sheer linen with leather lacing topstitched in a grid.  Can't wait to get these on the boards and strung!
We have two re-purposing projects in the house right now: this one is a very grand top-of-the-line bump-interlined velvet-banded hand-sewn chintz-lined drapery (whew!) that is being dismantled, re-imagined, and updated for a lighter look in a traditional dining room.
The other re-purposing project will turn these long rod pocket casement sheers into long Roman shades.  The fabric is in good condition and neither the decorator nor the homeowner really want to toss this warm plaid which works so well in the room. 
And finally, not literally on the table but next to it, fabrics just arrived yesterday for a whole-house project, phase one: 16 Roman shades, 125" long grommeted panels, and a few miscellaneous other treatments. 


  1. Deb. I must get my hands on some of that gorgeous Greek key fabric. Do you have any details?

    1. Hi, Jackie!- that fabric is from Greenhouse........