Saturday, December 10, 2016

Afternoon light, scones, four-finger pleats

Who else is working today?  It would be such a lovely day off, but, so far, I've encountered plenty of working people today: a drapery maker (other than me), a psychotherapist, a postal union official, a landscaper, a coffee roaster, a potter, a gas station attendant, my personal farmers Pam and Melissa- and I'm grateful to be two weeks away from Christmas and having steady, satisfying work.
The late afternoon light in my studio is superb.  How could I want to be anywhere else?
Right now I'm working on shades, with this lavender and cream casement stripe.  "Lavender and cream" yum to me it sounds like a scone.  Or a bar of soap.
While I've got your attention, I'd like to ask: who says pinch pleats must have three "fingers?"  We all routinely do two-finger pleats nowadays, but what about four?
Especially with a button.  Four fingers gives me a nice snug spot to nestle in and secure the button shank.

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