Friday, December 2, 2016

Sleek Padded Fascia for Shades

A client requested a 4" x 1/2" padded wood fascia for shades- basically a super mini cornice without returns.  These shades were mounted inside the window.
This was something new for us, as was the request for 4" fold spacing on a hobbled shade- much closer folds than the norm.
To keep the fascia sleek and modern, I chose a fusible dacron batting with little bulk to soften the board without making it puffy..
As you can see, the shroud is ladder tape, which also serves as the hobbling tape- so no rings were needed.  I basted across the board line of the shade, and securely hand-tacked the ladder tape to the board line. 
Double-sided sticky tape was run at the intersection of the boards, intended to keep the fabric in place while preparing to staple.
That worked out well!  I just pressed the shade in place, following the penciled board line.
An upholstery staple gun gets right into the corners.  Since all that was holding the shade in place and to shape, I made sure to use plenty of staples to prevent sagging.
The excess was rolled down and under and stapled to finish.

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