Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Uptown River View

John and I drive right by this building on Riverside Drive every time we go into the city, so it was cool to work with Denise Wenacur to create the  window treatments for this newly renovated apartment with an uptown river view.
The finished lengths were slightly different, so we worked with the pattern from the top down, and fudged the bottoms just enough to ensure the pleats were all the same.  Besides marking the fabric, I like to take a reference photo of the board line pattern placement.
With this pattern repeat, we were able to pleat to pattern matching every other motif.

The kitchen window is deeply recessed and hard to reach, so the shade will not be raised and lowered.  This finished length really didn't allow us to have the pleats fall the same as the living room shades, but it's far enough away, it doesn't matter; consistency with the board line pattern placement was more important.
I hope by now the homeowner has had time to unpack!

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