Sunday, December 4, 2016

Indigo Dip-Dyed Shades

This order came with strict instructions on how to lay out the fabric for each shade.
The fabric is a beautiful dip-dyed-look linen that made my heart skip a beat.
The 4 shades are installed as 2 pairs, with the light side in the center of each pair, deepening outwards to that gorgeous blue.  I don't have photos of them in their new home, so this messy workroom shot will have to do.
 I had fun choosing which thread color to use for each column of lift lines.  I found 5 colors in my collection of buttonhole threads from Wawak.

The fabric grain was shifty but the weave was straight, so I basted along the board line before stapling.  I use masking tape to indicate which shade is which.  Did you notice in the photo above that the shades have "return flaps"- half of which match the pale side, and half of which are deep blue?

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