Thursday, December 8, 2016

Party day

Late post tonight!  I spent the afternoon in New Jersey at the NJ WCAA Chapter's holiday party. 
All the way home I thought about the network of resources and support within our industry.  I'm so happy that I found my way into this community!
The NJ chapter is composed of both designers and workrooms.  Whatever path led each of us to the Window Coverings industry, we all share a love of making things beautiful or making beautiful things, with fabric. 
When I got back, I found some treats awaiting me.
A package arrived with a batch of 3 supple, sophisticated drapery wool from Holland and Sherry.  These will become window treatments for a wonderful mid-century home filled with a glass collection of a lifetime- I'm looking forward to this project for a number of reasons!
To trim the pale blue strié, this Zimmer and Rhodes embroidered linen trim, which will be hand-sewn to the lead edges of ripplefold panels.
This trim is so beautifully made that even the back is impressive.  And the end is sewn to prevent raveling!
What excites me most is the rod we'll be ordering from J L Anthony via Ona Hardware: can it get any cooler?  This 124" silver finish square pole will be ceiling mounted.
The other package I received was pretty exciting too: a box full of Jewel Tape- double-sided adhesive tape from Dondar Designs. 
And now-

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