Monday, December 5, 2016

More Bordeaux?

I love the M'Fay Bordeaux valance because of its understated swag and graceful jabot.  I also love its versatility: with three basic shapes you can cover spaces of different sizes and achieve a unified look in a room.
Not shown on the pattern cover, however, is the beautiful single swag.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, we made 5 of these.  For the interlined silk in the dining room, we've extended the width to 45" and shortened up the jabots.
A bit of the jabot's curvaceousness is lost by shortening it, but it's still really pretty, and the tassel trim enhances the silhouette.

And for the adjacent living room, the same style in a different fabric is extended out to 52" wide.
With at least 3 sections, however, it's possible to use the center dip swags flanked by the tapered side swags, separated by a 5-pleat tail. 
For even wider areas, there are further possible combinations.  These were designed to follow the arched window.
But my favorite version is still the double tapered swag with a center tail- my workroom sample!

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