Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hobbled shade with ladder tape

I have a little more to say about the hobbled shades I showed the other day.
HEY, by the way, it's one whole week and I've posted every day!  I said I would- so far so good!
These shades are hobbled with ladder tape which also serves as the cord shroud.  However, I also sewed rings.  You might wonder if the rings are redundant, but there is a reason I chose this way.
Because the folds are 4", there are 50% more folds than usual, which means the shade can't stack up as compactly as it would if it had 6" folds.
Using traditional tape with rings would necessitate ring locks, which would add significantly to the stack in addition to the extra stack due to the short folds.
Therefore, I used ladder tape plus rings, to get the least stack I could.

After preparing the shade, I marked the ladder tape in 4" increments with purple disappearing pen.
The rows for the rib pockets are marked and pinned, and the ladder tape pinned to the bottom.
After sewing the bottom row and securing the ladder tape, I began working my way up the shade, sewing across the ladder tape as I sewed the pockets.
This hobbled the shade as I moved up the rows.
The rings were sewn on by hand, the ribs and weight bar inserted and secured, and the shade was strung with a stringing needle.
There are other ways I could have made these shades (there were 5) but after weighing all the options, this seemed the best to me.

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