Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bay Window Hinge

When I started making window treatments and heard about "hinges" for bay window treatments, I took that literally, not realizing that the hinges were not actual hardware.................
Now I know that the hinges are made of fabric; however, I still use actual hardware hinges for bay windows. I like to be able to fold the treatment compactly and securely. I like seeing them. I like that the installer can lift the treatment easily and unfold it on the ladder if necessary. I like that if the homeowner climbs up on a ladder and looks at the top of her treatment she'll see real brass hardware up there, unlikely though that may be.
Some people have told me it's a waste to bother with actual hinges that cost money instead of a little strip of fabric that's free, but really, how much do they cost- I don't mind spending two dollars on them, and I like them.

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