Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reverse Mount Rollease Flat Romans

Whew! finally done.
We tried to find a way to photograph the shades with their valances attached but the only way I could find was for wonderful friend CG to hold them up. That's her new shoes at the bottom of the shade.
She was in the studio today to work on 5 shades of her own, interlined and thermal lined, with mitered banding on 3 sides out of a check. Crazy, mind-blowing stuff.
I did photograph the front and back of one Reverse Mount shade before the valance was on, while it could still be on the stand. Grommets guide the lift cord to the front of the shade. Putting in grommets is fun because it means you can bang with a hammer.
The shades are in the hallway, packed, looking a little forlorn and not quite as fab as they really are. That big girl is the 110" shade- nothing to sneeze at! The Rollease had to be spliced and that was fun by myself- usually DH comes to lend his expertise with that technical/mechanical stuff.

And will you look at that yummy red stripe!

Now thanks to aforementioned wonderful friend, I have a borrowed David Sedaris CD to listen to- 75 minutes- long enough to get me and the 7 shades over the Tappan Zee bridge to my client and back laughing my ass off the whole way. A stop at Starbucks first and I'm gonna have a nice ride this afternoon.

No attempt has been made to arrange these pics- I can't wait to see the post and see how they arrange themselves. I haven't figured that part out yet and it's driving me nuts so I'm going to let them find their own way onto the page.

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