Friday, January 15, 2010


The most fabulous fabric in the world today!
Well, this week I have three, so I have to choose one.
It's only fair to choose the one I raved about on Monday. This is for a girl's room, a very groovy girl I think, and it's got black applique flowers and black embroidery on a white ground. (Oh, I wish I had been allowed to have black and white when I was young! sigh.... Well I shouldn't complain because they did let me paint my room lavender.)
The treatment is a London shade with a clever black and white trim at the bottom. There are a bunch of shades for this client, for 4 different rooms, but right now they're all WIPs. Next week we'll have a little gallery of completed work.
In the overall picture you can't really see the embroidery in the middle of the flowers which you can easily see in real life. Below is a close-up with the color less saturated so the star shape shows up a little bit.

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