Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New EZ-Release Shade Rings

I'm about to set out on my other job- driving. I do lots of driving.
But before I go- just so you don't wonder "what are we working on today" and think we've been lazy-
here's the Winter Trees fabric again.

Who could ever get tired of looking at this fabric, anyhow?
The sheer fabric is laying flat on a black ground.
It's been hemmed all around by hand (the machine stitching you see here is the weight bar pocket) and all the rings have been sewn on by hand.
This is not a quick-sewing fabric! It is mostly viscose, a fiber made from cellulose which comes from trees amongst other things, and it takes the needle just about as well as a piece of tree would.

What's different about these shades is that we've used the new EZ-Release shade rings from Rowley Co., designed for improved shade safety.
Here they are before stringing, so you can really see them up close.
More on these rings later, or tomorrow, and pics of the completed shades.

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