Friday, January 1, 2010

Hobbled shades

Hobbled shades!
There are 3 hobbled shades in this order, and they are ready for rings to be sewn on; then they'll be stapled & strung & packed up for delivery.

The photo on the left shows one shade all ready for sewing. It's been cut & pressed & tabled to size. Everything has been done right on the table and it's ready for the side hems to be blindstitched and the pockets for the ribs to be sewn.
The pencil points to the little mark that indicates ring placement.
The purple pen has disappearing ink; it points to the mark on the table indicating where the pocket lines are to be drawn- so all 3 shades will be marked in exactly the same increments. The pocket sewing lines drawn on the fabric will disappear by morning. The great thing about disappearing ink pens is that you can make notes on your table during a project and they'll be gone by the time you start the next one.

On the right are the shades with hems and pockets completed.
The beauty and magic of fabrication is that these shades, yesterday, were just 15 yardss of fabric on a roll; and this afternoon were piles of untamed mess. Now it's all neat and orderly and taking shape. Very satisfying!

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