Monday, January 11, 2010

The Studio- clean for a moment!

Okay here goes! This is about as cleaned up as my workroom ever gets, so I though I'd take a couple of pictures before the next storm rolls through, in about 10 minutes when I start cutting a new batch of shades.
We have two 12' tables, one with a grid & plastic for rotary cutting and one with a gridded canvas cover. 7' two-sided rack for linings. Not very pretty and no window treatments on the windows, just blinds because I can't stand the distraction of fabrics and colors around me when I'm working on so many different fabrics all the time.
However, I've made some awesome samples which I must hang, somewhere, sometime soon. So I'll have to get over that aversion to color in the studio. I can't wait to post photos of those samples!


  1. Aren't the 12' tables great ? I'm enjoying your blog and following you now. I've been blogging 6 months and have yet to post a pic of my workroom cause it's always so messy ! You've inspired me to get it clean and posted.

  2. Well, google won't let me follow right now but I'll be back......