Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hobbled shades completed!

So, remember those disheveled piles of hobbled shades from a few days ago? Here they are, all done and ready for installation. The small one on the right on the stand is for a door. You can see the back, and what all those rows and ribs and tapes and rings were for.
I am pretty pleased with how these 3 shades came out.
See how I've cleverly avoided showing the workroom?? That's because it really is a big unphotogenic mess! If you're a client of mine and have been to my studio, you know exactly what I mean.
Thursday and Friday are going to be devoted to clean-up and getting the studio ready for its close-up. I'm stating this here so that I can be held accountable.

This is the biggest of the 7 Reverse Mount Rollease shades, on the table ready to be stapled & strung tomorrow. It's 110" wide and 60" long. Since it's blackout lined, all the rings are sewn by hand to keep the little holes as small as possible, and the holes are "painted" with blackout "goop" per customer request, to keep as much light out as possible.
See how I've written on the top of the shade? That's to remind me that it's a reverse mount so I don't staple it on backwards-- like I did with the other 6 and had to take them all off and re-staple them!
Tomorrow I will try to find a way to photograph at least some of the Reverse Mount Rollease shades. They can't be hung on the wall or on a stand, because the shade comes off the back of the board, and the valance comes off the front of the board, leaving no place to secure it.

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