Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This fabric was definitely in the running last week for Fab Fabric Friday pick of the week.
The photo captures neither its fluidity nor its brilliant hue.  It's a deep crimson ottoman fabric, that is, a horizontal-ribbed plain weave, with ribbing of two different colors and textures: the flat rib is rust and the raised rib is crimson chenille.
The effect of the two colors interacting is entrancing- the color changes with every viewing angle and it looks molten.
It sheds a gruesome blood-red dust all over everything and I'm afraid the lint is embedded in the canvas table top.  Every time I look at my hands I think I'm bleeding.
I've been laboring over this fabric for hours, paralyzed with indecision about how to construct the project.  If there were a soundtrack to my day it would be a loop of The Clash singing "this indecision's bugging me."
Someday if y'all keep reading this I'll figure out how to add a button you can click on so you can hear the theme song of my work day.
A couple of weeks ago I was making a bunch of hobbled shades.  The way we make them here requires a lot (LOT) of pinning.  If you went to summer camp you might have learned a song called "Swimming swimming in the swimming pool."  Well, I spent that day singing to myself, over and over, "Pinning pinning in the pinning pool" til I thought I'd drown.
On Sunday I was crocheting, attempting something I had no business thinking about making due to the disparity between its complexity and my woeful skill level, and one step required picking up a stitch which I dropped every time.  Yeah, you know my theme song for that day- "you got to pick up every stitch- must be the season of the witch-" ricocheted around my brain til I went to sleep.
Anyhow, I have one more decision to make about this project in order to proceed tomorrow. 
I can't bear to bore myself, or you, with the details today!  But if you're a D and D Pro Forum member you might have read about my dilemma on the forum.  Sorry I've imposed on you in two venues today.  The decorator for this project is heartily sick of my indecision and calling with every new fabrication idea.  Everybody else, be thankful you don't have to hear about it at all!

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