Friday, January 22, 2010

Fab Fabric Friday!

Look what arrived today, just in time to become the Fab Fabric Friday pick of the week.  This warm, lovely silk will become window treatments one day soon.

The red draperies and shades were installed today, and much to my disappointment, I did not have time to get to the installation and see them myself.
These were a LOT of work and a lot of fussing, as well as a lot of decision-making.
The bullion trim on the lead edges AND the hem is the reason for all the indecision, plus the fact that the fabric is a pretty heavy upholstery fabric, meant to go on a sofa.
The hem had to be faced as well as the lead edges, and because they were being tied back, I wanted to be sure the white lining would not show.
In the end, I chose to put a 6" false hem of the red fabric at the bottom of the lining, rather than encase the lining in a hem facing.  I was afraid that one or the other of the fabrics might sag or shrink, causing the panels to not hang freely.
The top picture shows the lead edge trim and facing, the lining with the false hem, and the bottom trim with the hem facing tucked under everything.  The middle shot is the beautiful lead edge corner.  And at the bottom, the two-finger French pleats.
There are two windows with hobbled shades, as well.
Perhaps I'll have a picture from the decorator to post later.

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