Monday, January 11, 2010

Glue basting and reducing bulk in Empire swags

Today we worked on an Empire valance, which is interlined and trimmed at the bottom with bullion fringe sewn in.
To keep the bulk of all the fabric layers from building up on the board when the treatment is stapled, we've applied several techniques.
Here is the interlining being sewn to the swag lining and trimmed far enough away from the board line to keep the bulk off the board. At the bottom edge, we basted the interlining to the lining and trimmed the interlining, then glue basted the face side, trim, and lining side so that the layers would not shift when being sewn. I never did glue basting before this job- but I'm a convert now! We also made drapery panels from this fabric with the bullion fringe on the lead edges: I knew there was no way I could sew that heavy fringe to that silk without puckering, so I plunged in with glue basting and it worked beautifully- no puckers, and I'm a believer.

Didn't I say earlier that I'd be cutting a new wave of shades today? Yes I did, and yes I did. But I'm holding out on photographing them because one of them I can already tell, even though it's only Monday, that it is going to be the Fab Fabric Friday most beautiful fabric in the world Pick of the Week.
But look at this- I don't mind showing you this embroidered faux silk that looks like it was totally made for the striped Empire valance silk- but it is for a different client, different decorator. That happens a lot around here- a whole day of projects that are color coordinated, by chance. This gold embroidered silk is on its way to becoming a tableskirt with shirred jumbo welting. Oh boy!

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